UAV/UAS Programs, Consulting, and Services

Commercial UAV/UAS

UAV/UAS Part 107 Training

We provide hands on training to go along with your FAA Part 107 certification. We can work with you based on the UAV you may currently be using, or you can learn with us with any number of our ready to fly UAV’s. Each training session is tailored to your needs.  We have partnered with the Pilot Institute to provide the highest quality training. For more information contact us at or (708) 359 5289                            


In anticipation of the FAA providing the rules and regulations regarding BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations with UAV/UAS, STEM+C is preparing a training program for BVLOS operations. Check back with us often to see the status of our upcoming BVLOS training and certification training.

UAV/UAS Consulting Services

Need help getting your UAV/UAS program running. We provide the best most up to date industry consulting services.

UAV/UAS Professional Operator Services

Do you need a professional, licensed UAV operator? 

We can work with you to provide UAV services, or we can develop a platform to serve you and your companies requirements.

UAV/UAS Air Carrier FAA Certification Documentation Consulting and Services

Please contact us directly at (708) 359-5289
Or email us at