Before Takeoff Checklist UAV Build and Fly

"The Before Takeoff Checklist UAV Build and Fly"

About The Program

Aviation/Aeronautics/UAV program For Grades 6-12 STEM. UAV/UAS Trainer (The Benett), Build and fly.  This program is a hands on learning program.  Student engagement and teacher professional development program.  This STEM+C brings a hands on learning Aviation program to your classroom.  In this program students will be introduced to concepts in Aviation and Aerospace.  The program is broken down into (4) 1hr classroom visits.  

Visit 1: The first visit to your classroom, we will give your and your students an introduction to the topics of Aviation, Aeronautics, Aerospace, and UAV/UAS.  This is an open discussion about physics of flight, discussing the airplane that we will be building, and an interactive talk about careers in Aviation, Aeronautics, Aerospace and UAV/UAS.

Visit 2:  In this visit the class will begin building their UAV.  Students will work in groups of 2 building and constructing “The Benett”.

Visit 3: In this visit we will wrap up the building process, and prepare the UAV for flight

Visit 4: We provide several flight instructors who will meet at the school (preferably a football field or soccer field) and we will buddy box fly the student built UAV’s

If your school or classroom is interested in this program please contact us at or (708) 359-5289              or click the link below