Please read before you sign up for a workshop!

We are limited to 20 teachers per workshop. Please do not sign up for multiple workshops. Only sign up for one UAV Build and Fly workshop and/or one Rocketry Build and Fly workshop. You may sign up for one of the UAV build and Fly workshops and one Rocketry Build and Fly workshop. FYI, the rocketry workshop involves an egg … ūüôā¬† The first 20 teachers to sign up will be given a spot in the workshop.¬† Teachers who do not make the first 20, will be considered alternates.¬†If a teacher cancels, we will reach out in order of the alternates to offer the spot in the workshop to them.

About the Taking Flight workshops

  • Where: McQueen Park Activity Center.¬† We will be in the “Multi-purpose” room.¬†
  • Time: Doors open at 8:15am, class starts at 8:30am – 6:00pm.
  • How much does this cost? Its a free program for all teachers/fellows in the ASAP program.
  • Lunch will be provided by Subway with a drink.
  • What to bring? A laptop or Ipad, a pen or pencil, notebook for notes, colored permanent markers, or school sticker or decal to decorate your airplane with, you can be creative.¬† We will be outside for about 2 hours, so wear appropriate clothing.
  • Maximum number of fellows/teachers is 20.¬† ASAP fellows will be given priority.¬† After 20 fellows/teachers have signed up, we will allow alternates to sign up.¬† If you sign up but need to cancel, you may do so, but please email us at and communicate with us the date of the workshop that you want to be removed from.¬† If you cancel, please do so at least 14 days before your workshop date.¬† Alternates will be notified 10 days before the workshop if they will be admitted to the workshop.
  • If you as a teacher are not a fellow in the ASAP program, I can possibly accommodate up to 5 non-ASAP teachers/fellows.¬† The cost to participate in the workshop is $190.¬†¬†
510 N Horne St, Gilbert, AZ 85233

About the workshop


This is an Aviation, Aeronautics, UAV/UAS program For teachers who teach grades 5th through 12th grade.  This program is designed to give you a better understanding of Aviation, Aeronautics, Aerospace, UAV/UAS, and Model Rocketry and how to engage your students better in those subjects.  This one day, 9.5 hour program will be held at one of 2 facilities, EVIT on Power Road in Mesa AZ, or the McQueen Park activities center in Gilbert AZ.  This program is a fun hands on learning program.  The day will consist of 3 modules.

Module 1: Introduction to Aviation, Aeronautics, Aerospace and UAV/UAS.  We will begin by talking about the various career paths in those fields.  Then we will move onto a discussion about the Physics of Flight, and how physics of flight applies to both airplanes and rockets.  We will talk a little about meteorology and the earths atmosphere.  We will show you all how to use the RC airplane simulator so that you can all gain some experience with it.

Module 2:¬† We will build an RC airplane called “The Benett”.¬† This is a foam board airplane that each of you will build step by step with instructor guidance.¬† You will learn how to build the Benett, learn how to install the electronics and how to make it all work together.¬† Come prepared to work using hot glue guns, utility knifes, and various small shop tools.

Module 3: In this module we go out to the park and fly your airplane with you.¬† We will provide several flight instructors who will “Buddy Box” with all of you to teach you how to fly your airplane.¬† The instructor will have an RC airplane controller and you as the students will have an RC airplane controller.¬† The flight instructors controller is able to take over at any time during your flight to help prevent an unexpected crash.¬†¬†