This is a free event. You do not need to sign up or purchase a ticket.
Just bring the kids and the family and enjoy the day.

Teams participating in the First Look scrimmage

        ⁃       14835 – Tie Dye Samurai
        ⁃       2844 – Valley X
        ⁃       12841 – Plus +3 Robotics
        ⁃       8081 – Knights of the Lab Table
        ⁃       19728 – Carbo-Knights
        ⁃       11794 – Sunrise Koolbotics
        ⁃       11365 – Ticket to Paradise
        ⁃       13604 – Alumi-nati
        ⁃       22120 – Foothills Cat – 3
        ⁃       22256 – Herbotix
        ⁃       22258 – Beenie Bots
        ⁃       10369 – Robosapiens

Just some of the event partners:

If you wish to become an event partner as an educational institution or as an industry representative, then select "Event Partner Sign Up", to sign up for a booth space, demonstration flight, or provide a hands on learning opportunity.

Thank you so much to our Event Sponsors:

Lee Paddock

Paul Kaup


Jim Ausloos



Corbin Smith

Shawn Quinn

The Home Depot


Anyone who is going to “open” fly, participate in the “Combat” sessions, or be an instructor pilot must register and be an AMA member.  This is free to sign up. To become an AMA member.