High School/Junior High Foam Board Glider Challenge

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Eligible teams must be in grades 7th – 12th grade.

As of August 31, 2023 we have teams from 40 student teams signed up:

EVIT, Millennium, Casteel, Grande Innovation Academy, Perry High School,  Basha High School

Hamilton High School-Aerospace Class, Bogle Jr High, Hamilton High School Engineering club

Las Sendas Elementary School, Payne Junior High School, Calabasas School Buena High School

Hamilton Aero 1, Hamilton Club 1, Bogle Junior High, 1 Casteel High School, 

Paradise Valley High School,  Casteel High School


The glider must be big enough to support a stuffed animal the size of a galloon milk jug or larger. Like Snoopy in this photo.


The objective of the competition is to design and build a foam board glider that can be launched or chucked off the 2rd floor of a parking garage.  The glider must carry a stuffed animal toy.  Awards will be given for the 1) furthest flight from launch point 2) most hang time 3) Team spirit award.  Please read through this complete guide to the competition before beginning.  We will have more information, details and prize information soon.

If you are a teacher or student who wishes to participate in this challenge at Taking Flight on Saturday Nov. 4th. Just complete the form below to stay up to date with this challenge.  

You may make a donation/or sponsor the challenge here to help support this event.  You contribution will go toward a stipend for each teacher who coaches a team, and your donation will go toward the team awards.  A sponsor is a company or an individual who contributes $100 or more.  As a sponsor, you will be recognized on the event banner, on the Web-page, and in the event recap video.  Please contact us at paul@stemplusc.org if you have any questions or would like to contribute in a different way.