Rocketry Programs

TARC 2022-2023 Challenge.....

TARC is for students in grades 9-12. STEM+C will enroll 10 students for the 2022-2023 season. If you are interested in joining our TARC Team or to find out more information about our team, click the link below. Our first TARC team meeting will take place over winter break 2022 (Date to be determined). The program will start the first week of January, and run for 14 meeting.  Our TARC team will meet once per week for 14 weeks.  Much of what the students do will be at their own pace. For a full meeting agenda, use the link below.

Our roster as of August 30th, 2022

Jacob H (Returning Student)
Jake D (New Student)
Anson K (Returning Student)
Jake M (Returning Student)
Ryan  (Returning Student)
Logan (Returning Student based on work schedule)
Mahdi (returning Student)
Divakar (New Student)
Calvin (New Student)
Delaney (New student)
Lilly (New Students)
Ella (New Student)
Zayyed (New Student)

General Program Rules and Overview

  • Payload is (1) eggs,
  • Target altitude is 850ft
  • Flight duration time of 42-45 seconds
  • They must use two body sections, which may be of any length and diameter. One of these must contain the egg and altimeter, and the second must contain the rocket motor(s). The two sections must separate after apogee and recover separately, both by parachute.
  • All parts of the rocket must be recovered connected together.
  • Rockets must be at least 650mm long
  • Flying weight cannot exceed 650grams (Liftoff weight)
  • Limited to 80N-sec of installed total impulse.
  • 2022-2023 Official Rules
  • Rocksim TARC download our team number is 23-0000002559
  • Qualification flights are due by April 3rd, 2023

Rocketry Resources

Cost to join our team is $250 (Donation to STEM+C Inc) + $20 for downloading RocSim. $270 total First meeting dates (TBD).

  • We will start taking student sign ups in September 2022
  • Our Team registration is due by Dec 1, 2022
  • Qualification Flights are due before April 3, 2023
  • First meeting will be In January of 2023
  • Finish our TARC team registration.
  • Download RocSim … our team number is 22-0000000806
  • or
  • Download Open Rocket
  • Purchase a Micrometer (Caliper)
  • Download Fusion 360 (Student Version, Free)
  • Introduction to RocSim and Open Rocket.
  • Order parts and pieces for our first rocket designs.

Junior High Power Rocketry Certification for High School Students

For our High School students who participate in TARC, we work with them
throughout the TARC season to earn their Junior High Power Rocketry
Certification. For more information about
how to earn your junior high power
rocketry certification follow this link …

NAR Junior High Power Certification.