Robotics 2022-2023

Power Play

We are gearing up for another exciting season of robotics.  

Our robotics program partners with FIRST Inspires for international robotics competition.  We teach students what they need in order to succeed in robotics.  There are many facets to robotics and our goal is to equip them to succeed.

Being the top ranked team in Arizona we provide a safe and fun community based learning experience.  

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Are you interested in learning:

Hardware Engineering

  • Mechanical Design Principles including iterative design.

  • Learning how to design and manufacture parts.

  • Understanding of mechanical sub systems.

  • Using Fusion 360 to design a robot.

  • 3D printing custom designed parts.

Electrical Engineering

  • Learning electronic fundamentals including Ohm Law.

  • Power system design and efficient power usage.

  • Electronics troubleshooting.

Software Engineering​

  • Designing a software system to control a robot.

  • Using Android Studio and Java.

  • Debugging software.

  • Using AI for object recognition.

  • Motion planning.

Marketing / Outreach

  • Using social media and interacting with the community to raise awareness.

  • Growing our team.

  • Interacting with other teams.

Interested in joining the top ranked robotics team enter your name and we will be in touch