The Full Story


Projects are the heart of STEM+C.  They are the specific way in which learners of all ages interact with our instructors.  In addition to the active ones in menu, here is some of the smaller or archived projects.


The STEM Wing is our first branded radio controlled wing made available for purchase in partnership with RiteWing. It is a great option for beginner pilots. This can be purchased in our shop tab.

FTC 14835 "Tie Dye Samurai"

As part of the FTC 2021-2022 Season were the top ranked team in the Grand Canyons Division at the State Championships and are the number 1 ranked team in Arizona.


BFMRF9 is our latest rocket build project. We are building 3 different versions of the SpaceX Falcon 9 and we are experimenting with different ways to land the first stage of the rocket at or near the launch location. This can be purchased on our products tab as a model.

Project Soare

Project Soare is a project to build a completely solar powered Radio Controlled plane. The ultimate goal would be to complete the “Pacific Drone Challenge