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The new “Benett” v2 … from STEM+C and Ritewing. UAV build and fly, easy to fly trainer kit for the classroom. These new kits have more of a glider wing, which makes the airplane much easier for new students to master. The airplane now has very stable flight characteristics for beginners.  The kit includes an upgraded motor, a 2204/2450kv motor with a triblade prop. The fuselage is made of tuff EPP foam.  This kit is unlike many of the other kits that are available.  We include all metal gear servos vs plastic gear servos.  The SunnySky 2204/2450 motor with a 5×3 tri-blade prop is an excellent balance of power for long duration flights.  We hope you enjoy flying the new “Benett v2”.  After you master flying the kit with the “Glider” wing, you can make your own wing our of Dollar Tree foam board and experiment with different wing designs.

Here is what you will receive in the classroom kit.

  • Propellers, (1) bi-blade 5X3 and (1) Tri-blade 5X3
  • SunnySky 2204 2300KV motor
  • 3d printer Motor Mount and Motor Puck
  • 30amp Flycolor ESC
  • 3 control horns
  • 3 clevis (push rod connector)
  • 1mm steel push rod
  • (4) toothpicks
  • (1) popsicle stick
  • (3) EMAX all metal gear 12g servos ES08MAII
  • Foam Board Wings and Tail
  • Tuff, strong long lasting EPP foam fuselage, easily repaired with hot glue

We do not include a receiver or the battery.

We recommend a 3s 1500mAh to 22oomAh battery.


Additional information


Black WIng, White Wing

Motor Color

Blue, Titanium, Pink

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