Event Partner and Sponsor Information

What is an “Event Partner”?

An event partner is an education institution, a company or industry group or individual who wishes to be an event participant with a booth and a physical presence at Taking Flight 2022.  There is no charge to be an event partner.

An event partner can be an education institution that wishes to showcase or provide information about your institution’s programs and/or courses as related to the event subject material.

An event partner could be an industry/company representative, or an individual who wishes to showcase their career path or something to exhibit at Taking Flight 2022, as related to the subject material of aviation, aeronautics, and aerospace.

For example from an education perspective.  EVIT,  ASU, or ERAU may set up an information booth (canopy), and be available to discuss the higher education side of aviation, aeronautics, aerospace, UAV/AUS, etc.  An education partner can also provide some sort of STEM hands on activity (something simple that is applicable to the subject material).  This could be something simple like having a student run a Flight Simulator or RC airplane Flight simulator on a laptop for students and educators attending the event.  Students and educators can also exhibit a project they are working on, this could be Rockets for Spaceport Americas cup, or an FTC / FRC robot demonstration

An industry or company partner like Desert Rotor could bring out their control systems and do a small demo for the students and educators.

An event partner is someone, a company or an education institution who wishes to actually be present at the event to promote aviation, aerospace and aeronautics.

To become an event partner email us at stemplusc@gmail.com

What is an event Sponsor?

An event sponsor is someone or a company who wishes to contribute monetarily to STEM+C for making this event possible.  Your contribution is tax deductible.  STEM+C is a 501c3 not for profit company.

There are 4 levels of Sponsorship.

Level 1 Sponsor.  Any amount, I just want to contribute a tax deductible dollar amount to make this event happen

No payment method connected. Contact seller.

Level 2 Sponsor.  $100 … at this level of support, your name or company logo will be listed on the event brochure, on the event website and in the credits of the -cap video.  You can donate here though WIX or PayPal.

No payment method connected. Contact seller.

Level 3 Sponsor.  $200  … You will receive all the benefits of Level 1 Sponsor.  You will also receive your name on or company logo on the back of the event T-shirt, as well as on the back of the event volunteers T-shirt.  You can donate through WIX or Paypal.

No payment method connected. Contact seller.

Level 4 Sponsor.  $400 … You will receive all the benefits of a Level 1 and 2 sponsor.  You will also receive a gift certificate for a free discovery flight in the STEM+C Cessna 150.  You may give this gift certificate to anyone to use, or you may use it yourself.  You can donate through WIX or Paypal 

No payment method connected. Contact seller.


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