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Science, Technology, Engineering, Math + Creativity

STEM+C was founded to provide the best hands-on learning experience for students interested in Aviation, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Robotics, and Software.  We strive to be a community resource of knowledge and experience.  We want to provide the best tools and modern technologies such that the students are using industry approved tools, equipment and technologies while learning.  We want to modernize the approach to learning and get back to understanding that trial and error are an important part of the learning process.

STEM+C is a 501c3 not for profit organization located in Gilbert Arizona.

At STEM+C, we engage, mentor, and facilitate students of all ages with our projects, programs, and challenges in Aerospace, Aeronautics, Aviation, Robotics, and software coding. 

While our facilitators are in the classroom working with the students, we are simultaneously professionally developing the teachers during the same class period.  Our programs, and projects are our attempt to inspire, and engage the next generation of scientists, engineers, and technical operators. Our goal is to get students excited about those career fields. Our aerospace projects are like any aerospace project that any aerospace company would try to attempt. The missions can be accomplished, but it will take planning, experimentation, discovery, engineering, design, and construction. There is no guarantee of success, however, through our designing, engineering, building, and testing, we prepare for the worst and plan for the best of outcomes.

At STEM+C, we engage, mentor, and facilitate students of all ages with our projects, programs, and challenges in Aerospace, Aeronautics, Aviation, Robotics, and software coding. While our facilitators are in the classroom working 

We are an organization of career professionals working with students and teachers to help them better understand career paths in some of the most exciting and rewarding technical careers in today’s economy.  Our facilitators and instructors come from various backgrounds and career paths.  We provide hands-on classroom instruction, mentorship, guidance, insights, and advice to help students pave a career path.

Meet The Team

Paul Kaup

Paul Kaup, STEM+C Founder, STEM+C Facilitator, UAV/UAS Instructor, Rocketry Instructor

Steven Klass

Steven Klass, Founder - Robotics / Software, FTC Coach and Facilitator

Deirdre Morhet, Accountant, STEM+C Facilitator

Deirdre joined the STEM+C team as our accountant and as a facilitator. Deirdre has worked as a NASA engineer, and she founded BASC Expertise located in Gilbert Arizona. Deirdre brings a wealth of business expertise, as well as having a background in engineering and being a part of the aerospace industry.

Jim Ausloos, STEM+C Facilitator, UAV/UAS Instructor

James is a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch. Focuses are, unmanned aerial vehicle construction, systems integration, UAV flight training and racing. He enjoys multi-rotor (UAV) long range missions and freestyle flying. Jim is engaged in working with long-range UAV vehicle development for future BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) regulations.

Meet The Team Shawn Quinn, STEM+C Facilitator, UAV/UAS Instructor

Shawn works as a Senior Engineer designing physical and virtual server infrastructure at American Express. He has been flying R/C models since grade school. He got his private pilot's license via a PPL Ground School class at Gilbert High School and the follow on Discovery Flight sealed the deal for getting licensed. Today Shawn is an avid FPV Fixed Wing and multirotor enthusiast.

David Bradshaw, STEM+C Facilitator, UAV/UAS Instructor

David is a Captain at Southwest Airlines and has been working for the airlines since 2004. He has over 25 year of experience working for part 121, and part 135 air carriers. His previous work experiences include flying for a Charter Airline and as a cargo pilot. Dave is an FAA-certified Pilot (Transport w/Commercial privileges) and Flight Instructor (Single, Multiengine, and Instrument; A/B-737; A/BE-1900): Dave has been flying RC models since 7th grade for a total of 43 years experience with Model RC. While attending school and taking flight lessons, David managed a hobby store for four years.

David Haase, STEM+C Facilitator, UAV/UAS Instructor

David is a First Officer at Southwest Airlines. He has over 20 years of flying experience as a commercially rated pilot as well as several years of UAV/UAS operator experience working with Textron Aviation.

Bob Hunter

Bob Hunter, STEM+C Facilitator and UAV/UAS Instructor Pilot: Bob is a Software Engineer in the Industrial automation sector, and is an avid UAV / UAS Pilot, Racer, and Instructor. He started and ran a MultiGP multi rotor racing chapter in Southern California prior to relocating to the Phoenix area. He is an Associate vice president for the Academy of Model Aeronautics district 10 and also serves as a board member for several clubs.

Meet the Student facilitators

Jett Peterfreund

Jett Peterfreund, STEM+C Facilitator, and aircraft appearance technician, I am a Senior at Arizona College Prep. I am currently working on my Private Pilot license, I enjoy the outdoors, and I love making a difference in my community. I have been involved with STEM+C since 2017.

Anson Knoblach

Anson Knoblach, STEM+C Facilitator, and aircraft appearance technician, I am a Junior at Perry High, and I have been involved with aerospace activities since I was very young. I enjoy working on Near Space Balloon projects, flying UAV/AUS, and rockets. I aspire to attend an out of state school when I graduate high school. I have been working with STEM+C since the fall of 2021.

Gerrit Kaup

Gerrit Kaup, STEM+C Facilitator and UAV/UAS Instructor Pilot. I am a first year student at Arizona State University, I am majoring in Aeronautical Engineering. I have been involved with STEM+C since a very early age working with my dad.

Meet the STEM+C Board of Directors

Jessica Kissenger

Jessica has over 10 years experience as an educator, teaching math, science, and STEM specialty classes. She was awarded the Yavapai County 2018 Teacher of the Year for STEM education, as well as recognized as a Humboldt Unified School District Teacher of the Year in 2020.

Lisa Hoberg

Lisa Hoberg manages Membership Services for Greater Phoenix Leadership, an organization of leading CEOs influencing state policy in the areas of education, workforce development, community infrastructure and social impact.

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