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PartApogee Part Number
56mm Foam Nose 14811
BT-70 Body Tube10168
Coupler for BT-70 Body Tube13043
BT-70 Egg Protector14814
Kevlar Shock Cord30325
18" Nylon Parachute29092
1/8" ParacordOrder from Amazon
1010 Rail Buttons13060
Swivel BearingOrder From Amazon
9" Heat Shield29372
BT-20 (Used for 18mm Motors) 6pack10086
80mm Motor Retainer24046
Fins, Centering Rings and BulkheadsThese are custom cut by STEM+C
D20-4w MotorOrder from Apogee or Aerotech
Contact me at paul@stemplusc.org to order the Fins, Centering Rings, and Bulkhead

The parts and pieces list

56mm Foam Nose for BT70 Tube
Coupler for BT70 Body Tube
BT70 Egg Protector
1/8" paracord
9" heat shield
80mm long motor hook
D20-4w Pack of 2 Motors
56mm BT70 Body Tubes
30325 Kevlar Shock Cord
18" parachute
1010 Rail Buttons
Swivel Bearings
18mm Body tube used as a motor mount for 18mm motors
1/8" Plywood Bulkheads, Centering Rings and Fins, email me for quote. paul@stemplusc.org
D20-4w Motor Bulk Pack of 12

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