We are an organization of career professionals working with educators to help them and their students better understand career paths in some of todays most exciting and rewarding technical careers.  Our facilitators and instructors come from various backgrounds and career paths, providing hands-on classroom instruction, mentorship, guidance, insights, and advice.

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Our Story

For the past 10 years STEM+C has been engaging and teaching students with a focus on aviation, aerospace, robotics and electronics and software.  

Born from the idea that people learn and engage at a higher capacity when science, math and creativity is a hands-on immersive task, where failure is part of the learning, and successes are celebrated.  STEM+C has been engaging and teaching aviation, aerospace, robotics, electronics, and software for over 10 years.

Our Programs

Robotics Programs

Whether you are into software engineering, hardware engineering, social media, finance, or outreach our robotics program is the place where you will thrive. We partner with FIRST Inspires for international robotics competitions

Flight School

See what it is like to fly among the birds and enjoy a Discovery Flight with one of our FAA qualified flight instructors. We provide primarily "Private Pilot Instruction", and "Traing for your Instrument Training". .

Commercial UAV/UAS

Over the years we have conducted many student projects such as "Project Black Bird", and "Strato Journey". Visit this page to stay in touch with our upcoming "Projects"

Rocketry Programs

We participate yearly in TARC (The American Rocketry Challenge). After your high school student has participated in TARC, we work with them to earn their Junior High Power Rocketry Certification.

Part 107 Training

We provide flight training to help you learn to use your UAV when conducting commercial operations.

BVLOS Training

STEM+C is currently writing up a training program to satisfy the FAA rehgulations with regards to operating your UAV "Beyond visual line of sight" for commercial operations.

Wing Racing

Wing Racing season starts at the end of October and runs through mid-May. We typically race at the Basins in Mesa, AZ

Learn to fly at the park

From mid-October through mid-May we have "Learn to fly at the park" get-togethers. Everyone is welcome to join.

Taking Flight

Taking Flight is our yearly community event that engages the community in Aviation, Aeronautics, and Aerospace. Visit this page to learn more.

Near Space Balloon project

We occasionaly run a Near Space Balloon program for junior high and high school students. Visit this page to learn more about Near Space Ballooning.

Before Takeoff Checklist

This program serves as a introductory program to expose High School students and Teachers to Aviation, Aeronautics, Aerospace, and UAV/UAS.

Our Testimonials